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December 2011

Stephanie Kaplan, Co-founder/CEO/Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Media (

What prompted you to start Her Campus?
My co-founders (Windsor and Annie) and I were running a fashion and lifestyle magazine at Harvard. We transitioned the magazine online and girls at schools all over the country started reading it. We realized there was a need for a national media outlet targeted towards college women, and that we would readily be able to find writers and readers for…

Amy Cosper, Vice President/Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Media Inc.

Entrpreneur Media Inc. publishes Entrepreneur Magazine which keeps entrepreneurs alert to the network of tools fundamental to launching and growing their businesses.
Please share with us how you began your role as Editor of The Entrepreneur?
I moved from Denver to Orange County to take over the magazine. The goal was a complete overhaul of the magazine, the editorial structure and t…

Todd Horton, Co-Founder of KangoGift

KangoGift is the premiere Mobile Gifting platform used to quickly, and easily, send gifts as text message (SMS) vouchers to any cell phone.
What prompted you to start your business?
I was living in Korea where I learned about the concept of mobile gifting. For example, if a co-worker did something great I would send a little recognition gift such as a latte in the form of a mobile gift…

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