John Brucato, Executive Director of Development of Advanced Math & Science Academy Charter School

Please share with us your involvement in the Advanced Math and Science Academy.

I became involved with the Advanced Math and Science Academy in 2011 while looking for an opportunity to complete my career as an educator in a new role. They were looking for an Executive Director with leadership experience and I was looking for the challenge they had to offer. Having been a teacher, coach,…

Keizo Koya, PhD (Founder/CEO/Producer) and Eita Kitayama, MS (Founder/President/Producer) of Boston Strategics Corporation

Please share with us the inception of Boston Strategics Corporation.

Before starting up Boston Strategics Corporation (BSC), it was about to be “Boston Global Partners” simply to provide global/strategic outsourcing supports. However, after meeting with top management of potential Japanese clients, we learned that they need much wider strategic support for their global drug development…

Chef Jacky Robert & Martha Castano, PhD : Co-Founders of 501(c)3


Please share with us the inception of

Martha Castaño, PhD, is a part time lecturer at Boston University and mother of three lovely children. She is married to Dr. Pracha Eamranond, whom she met while “tango-ing” while they were both studying at Yale University. When Martha and Pracha moved to Boston after dancing tango for the year in Buenos Aires, they…

G. Andrew Maness, Founder of Absolutely Music / Four Guys in Tuxes

Please share with us the inception of Absolutely Music/Four Guys in Tuxes.

1983, concept arrived in a hurry when I was offered a chance to book a band for an Alumni Association booze cruise, last minute… my first booking as a bandleader.


Take us through a typical day, start to finish.

At the desk by 9AM, phone messages and email returned, client conferences, postal ma…

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