Monica Horan, Owner of Express Employment Professionals in Braintree, MA.

Please share with us the inception of Express Employment Professionals.

I started looking for new business opportunities soon after I sold my last company in 2008. I previously had two partners and moving forward, I wanted something that I could own independently. I hired a franchise consultant and looked at several businesses before being introduced to Express.

Express had a larg…

John Chapin, Founder of, Author of Sales Encyclopedia

Please tell us about the inception of the “Sales Encyclopedia”.

I created Sales Encyclopedia out of frustration. For years, I had been looking for a sales book that had everything in it, that was basically one-stop shopping for sales training. A resource that would teach you, step by step, how to be successful selling. As I was part of my target market, I asked myself the questions: What…

Melinda Marchiano, CEO at Happy Quail, College Student, Dancer, Author, Public Speaker-Cancer Survivor

Please update us on your achievements since your 1st interview in April 2011. Among your successes, you’ve received the “Hope Award’ and you’ve written “The Truth 365″.

Wow, a lot has happened the past three years!

I graduated from Nipomo High school in June 2012 and am now attending Pepperdine University as a Creative Writing major. I will be entering my Junior year in the Fall.

Amy March-Comins : Improving the Lives of Patients while living with Cystic Fibrosis

Introducing Amy March-Comins , Helping to improve the lives of patients diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis while she herself copes as a CF sufferer .  

NOTE  FROM  EDITOR::: Amy’s story is unique in what she has accomplished professionally despite her illness which, as you will read, affects her daily activities significantly. What touched me most about Amy’s story are her driv…

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