Lamont Martinez, President & CEO of Apogee Security Services, LLC

Please tell us about the inception of Apogee Security Services, LLC.

 Apogee Security was founded in 2004 right after I graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. However, I didn’t do too much with the company until 2013. I have over 20 years in the Security industry. I’ve always believed that I can implement my own vision and have a huge impact in t…

Ilene Fischer, Founder of WomenLEAD, Inc.

Please tell us about the inception of WomenLEAD, Inc.

Fischer: I started my career as a chemical engineer in 1980. I was the first woman engineer ever hired at Raytheon in Andover, MA. But I was horrified to realize how isolated I was. There were no mentors, role models, or clear career paths—and the work environment was unsupportive and at times even hostile to women.

In 2012, when I…

Adam Witty, Founder & CEO of Advantage Media Group (AMG)

Please tell us about the inception of Advantage Media Group.

My mentor is a man named Pat Williams, Co-Founder of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Aside from being a sports executive, Pat is also a motivational speaker and a prolific author. I spent two summers working for a publishing house in high school. What I thought I would hate, I actually liked quite a bit. Right before I was to graduat…

Patricia Salber, CEO of Health Tech Hatch

Please tell us about the inception of Health Tech Hatch.

As I contemplated how I could contribute to the burgeoning mHealth revolution, I spent a lot of time talking to entrepreneurs in the space.

I am a physician executive with years of experience as a clinician and a health insurance executive. I am not a developer, so I was looking for ways that my particular background could bring…

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