Michael Schlein, President & CEO of Accion

Please share with us how you began your career at Accion.

Before I began my career at Accion, I had spent twelve years in government and public service, and another twelve years on Wall Street. Accion seemed like the perfect combination of both of those worlds– an organization that wanted to make the world a better place by building banks and working as a venture capital investor.


Megan Ramey, Founder of : Inspiring Two-Wheeled Tourism in North America

Please share with us the inception of Bikabout.

Five years ago, when we had our daughter, vacation planning became different because of the logistics involved. At the same time, I became keen on seeing firsthand the infrastructure improvements and reurbanization of cities.

Because of these two factors, we took trips to Brooklyn, Netherlands, Belgium, San Francisco, Athens GA, Portland…

Jane Ubell, Founder of Madison & Mulholland; Leader in celebrity/VIP Gifting

Please share with us the inception of Madison & Mulholland.

Madison & Mulholland started Oct 6, 2004, ten years ago as an off-shoot of “Buzz Bags”,  a gift bag company I launched with a former partner.

My company began creating gift bags filled with amazing products that were gifted to “influencers” in the beach communities on Long Island, simply known as the Hamptons.

Sudha Jamthe, Mobile Global Leader at eBay ; Business Leader at the Intersection of Mobile, Social and Data

Since we were classmates in Boston University’s MBA Program, please share with us the origin of your LinkedIn profile title “business leader at the intersection of mobile, social and data’ and how this relates to your work at eBay.

After my MBA in 1999, I helped $2Bil education publisher extend from offline to online business, co-founded Coola, a mobile middleware with an Apps…

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